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Located in Mesa, Focus Climbing Center is the premiere indoor climbing facility. It was designed to provide superior terrain, and inspire hours of climbing and training. We offer the best indoor rock climbing experience in Arizona.

Focus offers youth rock climbing classes and adult rock climbing classes for beginner and elite level climbers in a fun, interactive facility. You can learn from our staff who have competed, and produced at all levels. Our classes are designed to work your body physically and mentally, and are offered throughout the month.

Focus is the first facility to have a partnership with Madrock Climbing. Madrock offers the most innovative shoe design at the best prices available.

We provide Arizona climbing with 24 inch thick bouldering gymnastic flooring system, 8 auto-belays on our full height 28ft rock climbing walls. Owner Joe Czerwinski represented the U.S in 2010-2012 as a USAC National Team Coach, competed in the first Bouldering World Cup on U.S soil in 2008, and is an international route designer.

At Focus, you will get challenged by technical movement, and blast up huge overhangs on the most stimulating climbing terrain. Come check us out and see what we have to offer, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get to the top.

Focus Climbing Center– Share Your Passion For Climbing and Training.


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