Why is gym capacity limited?

Limiting gym access helps reduce crowds and ensure social distancing in an effort to lower the risk of virus transmission at the gym.

Will you have a reservation system for climbing times during the week?

Unfortunately we will not be able to provide a temporary booking system for our members. We are working on a live people counter on the website, so you can monitor capacity before coming in.

Can I lower my mask for climbing?

Not any more. Once we reopen on Aug 11th, AZDHS and the CDC recommends that masks/cloth face coverings should be worn at all times.

What can I do about chalk?

We will have chalk and chalk buckets available for purchase. Please keep your buckets at the edge of the pad OR at the base of the wall. NEVER in the middle of the pad.

Can I purchase more punches if mine are running out?

Yes, if you are a punch pass holder you can re-stock your passes.

What is Focus doing to keep the facility clean?

We have reinstated our cleaning contractors and they are cleaning the gyms seven nights a week after closure. In addition, our staff is constantly on the prowl with disinfectant spray to wipe down high touch surfaces such as door knobs, countertops, and water fountains. We added hand sanitizer inside the climbing area to make sure you are always only a few steps away from clean hands (only use hand sanitizer when washing your hands is not an option).

When will things return to “normal”?

This question is simply impossible to answer right now. If the spread of the virus and reported cases continue to decrease, and the state is able to continue to ease restrictions on gatherings/business then hopefully this is the first step back to normal operations. If there ends up being a resurgence in cases, we might have to continue our limited operation or even restrict things further. That is why, more than ever, we need to follow the rules, support and adhere to the restrictions given to us by the state, and be kind and supportive of one another.  Please help be part of the solution!