The Ancient Pyramids

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The Pyramids in Egypt certainly are one of the Wonder of the World. However, that does not mean all pyramids are ancient history. Pyramids are a great way to train off the wall as well as on the wall. Lately, I have been doing conditioning exercises with a pyramid style of reps. I am picking up to 5 exercises that focus (pun intended) on different muscle groups, and completing them in a 5-7 round pyramid. To explain this easier:

Round 1- 1 rep of everyting

Round 2 – 2 reps of everyting

Round 3 – 3 reps of everything

Continuing up to the max number you decide for that day. Once you get to max reps (lets use 7 for this example), you go back down:

Round 7 — 7 reps of everything

Round 6 — 6 reps of everything

Round 5 — 5 rounds of everything

Here are some examples of my exercises

  • Pull ups (using rings or Atomik balls)– Frencies if you are a BEAST.
  • Dynamic pushups/clapping pushups- this is where you push off the ground dynamically and clap in the air before landing in plank position. This can be quite difficult and you can lower the difficulty of this by using a bench or chair.
  • Skin the Cat on the rings. Here is a demo
  • Dips
  • Box Jumps
  • Dragon Flags – Picture here
  • V-ups

I will substitute various ring exercises or basic cardio exercises like burpees as well.


Happy training!!



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