This Wednesday, February 7th, Focus will host our Ladies Night Onsight Bouldering Comp, and is FREE for all members.

  • This comp will be onsight (Onsight format means you will only have 5 minutes to try each problem without watching anyone ahead of you).
  • There will be 4 sections, with 1 problem from your category in each section.
  • You will have 5 minutes to complete (or do the best you can) on your 1st problem. Then a 5 minute rest. Next, 5 minutes to complete the 2nd problem–and so on.
  • Climbing starts at 500pm, and will continue to 915pm. Sign up at the judge’s table when you arrive.
  • Allow 30 minutes to compete.
  • 4 ability categories- New Climber (v0- – V2), Intermediate (V2-V4), Advanced (V4-V6), Open– (V6-V9)
  • If you are not a member of Focus, the comp is FREE with a $15 comp day pass.
  • Every Wednesday is Ladies Night, but not every Ladies Night is a bouldering comp.
  • More information about Ladies Night HERE.

Everyone under 18yrs old, will need a waiver filled out by their parent. Waiver is available HERE.

Questions– call 480.718.5258