Pumpkin Carving Contest

The Focus 2017 Pumpkin Carving Contest begins at 2 PM and goes till 5:00PM. Judging commences from 5PM to 5:45PM (so be sure to bring your friends along with you to vote!). Winners will be announced at 6PM.

Food (burgers and dogs) will be FREE for all contestants with complimentary beer from a local brewery to be named later.

Non-contestants can eat and drink for $5.

The judging will be provided by climbers and friends at Focus Climbing Center. Anyone interested in judging will receive one (1) ballot to mark entries in the three categories below.


All carvers can enter ONE category:

  1. Scariest
  2. Best Focus theme
  3. Best Overall

Prizes for all categories:

  1. $100
  2. 1 month membership to Focus
  3. Gift cert for Focus T or Tank


  • You are responsible for bringing your own pumpkin(s). There is no size limit.
  • Anyone under 18yrs old must be accompanied by their parent(s).
  • Any tools, knives, drills, etc. must be supplied by the individual.
  • No prepping of your pumpkin is allowed. All stenciling and cutting must be done at Focus.
  • No derogatory or ethically questionable pumpkins will be accepted. We’re all friends here.

If carving in the spotlight seems like too much pressure, still plan to come for the party! Climbers will vote on the night’s best pumpkin and have access to some great food and beer.