FREE Members Clinics

Every 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month- Focus will host a different training class, and these clinics are FREE for Focus members.

Signups are “day of” only and are “first come, first serve” basis. Classes start promptly at 730p. If you are late, your space will be given to someone waiting. Clinic size will vary from week-to-week.

These can vary from:

  • Anchor building
  • Beginning Bouldering
  • Rings and antagonistic muscle development
  • Advanced bouldering techniques
  • How to redpoint your project effectively
  • Intro to Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

May 10th

Name: Bouldering Bootcamp

Ability level: All Abilities

Availability: 6 spots

Description: Have you wondered what the climbing team kids are busy doing every evening when you come in? This week, Coach Travis will take you through a workout both on and off the wall that will get you stronger, make you sweat, and have a good time. We’ll go through a warm-up together, an on-the-wall skill drill, some project bouldering, and then some off-the-wall strength training – All in an hour and a half! Don’t forget Focus Rule #9 – Finish with core!

Instructor: Coach Travis

May 17th

Name: Maximize the Campus Board

Ability level: V4 and Up

Availability: 6 spots

Description: The campus board is often a very under-utilized training tool. Used properly, it can lead to some excellent strength gains to help you send. Used improperly, it can also lead to injuries. Come to this week’s clinic on how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY use the campus board to improve your dynamic pulling power, your contact strength, and your lock-off.

Instructor: Coach Travis